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What's the Church All About?
And Other Tricky Question about the Church

This sequel to Does God like being God? and Did Jesus have a Girlfriend? aims to help parents, teachers, and catechists answer the tricky questions that young people ask about Church.

What's Church All About? explores the real questions that young people ask, including their negative and sometimes irreverent questions. It also provides four supplementary chapters based on advanced questions for adults and a vision for the Church of the future. It uses real stories to flesh out the intentions of Scripture and Church teaching, drawing also on contemporary culture and learning and avoiding Church-talk that means nothing to young people, to make the Church's hidden treasures accessible.


"Good questions provoke good answers. That's precisely what John Honner does in this insightful and honest book of twenty questions aimed at teachers, catechists, parents, and all who care deeply about communicating the faith to the next generation.”
—Msgr. Liam Bergin, Theology Department, Boston College

"What's Church All About? responds to the tricky questions that children, young people, and even adults ask about the Church. The practical theological answers John Honner presents will enlighten our faith in a changing world.”
—Sr. Clare Condon, Sister of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict

"What's Church All About? is an authentic exploration of real questions young people are asking today. The book provides the tools to 'do theology' and explore pastoral possibilities for people on their journey of faith.”
—Peter Bierer, assistant director, Pastoral Life and Mission, Archdiocese of Adelaide, Australia

"John Honner listens closely to young people's questions about the church and responds from the depths and richness of the Christian tradition. A lively, engaging, insightful, and loving book.”
—James McEvoy, Theology Department, Australian Catholic University

Dr. John Honner has degrees in science and theology and was professor and rector at the former Jesuit Theological College in Melbourne, Australia. He has written or cowritten more than a dozen books and numerous articles, including Does God Like Being God? and Did Jesus Have a Girlfriend? (Paulist Press). He has assisted and served on national leadership teams in Catholic education, health care, and social services in Australia and been part of a discerning and writing group in preparation for the Plenary Council of the Catholic Church in Australia.

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