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Wanted: Friends and Footwashers
Revised & Expanded Edition

The reflections of Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley in this volume bear out the truth that a classified ad to call people to the ministry of Christ’s disciples could well read, “Wanted: Friends and Footwashers.” Cardinal O’Malley starts from the truth that these are the necessary attributes of those who seek friendship with Jesus, who would love one another as Christ loves us, as he instructed us to do at the Last Supper. Speaking as a priest to other priests, and with the heart and humor of a good-natured pastor, Cardinal O’Malley guides all would-be followers of Jesus on the way of friendship with Christ and with each other through inward transformation. Here those called to vocations in and out of the Church will find help to cultivate this friendship, and so fulfill the calling that Jesus exemplified with matchless grace. Teacher Cardinal O’Malley winsomely motivates on every page: We too are called to be examples of grace and forgiveness!

ISBN: 978-08091-8798-0

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