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Your One Wild and Precious Life
Thoughts on Vocation

Vocation comes from a Latin word which means calling in the sense that we are “called” to do something, we are “called” to be someone. From the Christian perspective, the one doing the “calling” is God. What do we feel we are called to do with our life? Who is the person we are called to be?  How you answer that question is probably the most interesting thing about you. It is the very core of our life’s happiness and fulfillment. It is also how we find God.  We are each given one wild precious life—So, what are you going to do with yours?  The answer to this question is the mystery of vocation. 

Since God creates the world and each one of us through the process of evolution, the divine call is also evolutionary, meaning the call develops over time, we hear it over time, and the call adapts to our time and place.  The responsibility for hearing, interpreting, and responding to the “call” rests with each person. No one else can answer the question of your vocation but you.  This book is a series of reflections offered for people at all stages of life, whether considering one’s life-path for the first time or seeking renewed direction after an already full life.

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