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76. Pelagius
Commentaries on the Thirteen Epistles of Paul with the Libellus fidei

The British monk Pelagius (360?–420) is best known for his claim that human beings could perform good works on their own strength, without need of divine assistance, a teaching condemned by the Council of Carthage (417-418).

Yet, before this, Pelagius also penned a collection of commentaries on all the Pauline epistles This new volume will include new English translations of all of Pelagius’s Pauline Commentaries, including the commentary on Romans, thought to be thus far the only commentary to have been previously translated into English.

The commentaries are not only of interest in demonstrating an orthodox side of someone condemned as a heretic but, perhaps even more importantly, they are of extreme importance for the history of Pauline exegesis.

This title will be available for purchase and download in December, 2021.

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