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U.S. Moral Theology from the Margins
Readings in Moral Theology No. 19

Edited by Charles E. Curran and Lisa A. Fullam

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This book responds to the contemporary emphasis on the importance of theology at the margins. In the Catholic world, this emphasis began with liberation theology in Latin America and has recently found a home in the United States. Liberation theologians' insistence that the proper starting point for theology is standing with and alongside the poor and marginalized is echoed in another point of increased interest in contemporary moral theology: the role of experience in ethics. While experience has long been recognized as one of the four sources for moral reflection, it has increasingly come to be seen as providing a privileged perspective on moral questions. Margins, then, are frontiers, places of exploration, and centers of insight.

It is impossible to cover all the areas involved at the margins, but this volume has chosen eight important issues—aging, disabilities, immigration, LGBTQ, poverty and economic inequality, prison, racism, and women at the margins. In keeping with the ethos of the series, this book brings together previously published materials. Curran and Fullam have edited some content to avoid repetition and to adapt the materials for this volume. Their aim is to recognize those who have made significant contribution in these areas and at the same time to include some younger scholars.

ISBN: 978-15876-8882-9

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