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Who Do You Say That I Am?
Exploring the Question of Christ

Father Richard Gribble’s latest book looks at some basic questions of Christology, mainly asking who Jesus is: how he has been understood through the centuries by the Christian faithful, how he has been seen in Scripture, and how the Church has traditionally understood the nature of Jesus’ person and ministry. The focus of this book is on the spiritual life of the reader, both at the individual and the group level.

On one hand, the book is designed for the individual spiritual seeker, who is invited to answer the question for herself or himself, “Who is Jesus for you?” On the other hand, the book is also meant to be used by groups, and to this end, group discussion questions are offered at the end of each chapter. All in all, the focus is less on the scholarly, although the important scholarship is indeed covered, but on the spiritual aspects of the reader’s life. The book’s ultimate goal, in the author’s words, is “to further one’s relationship with the Lord Jesus.” The book, while providing a solid Christological overview, is an ideal companion for those on the journey, particular those in RCIA groups, adult education classes, and parish/diocesan renewal groups.

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