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Leadership for the Greater Good
A Textbook for Leaders

Dan R. Ebener and Borna Jalšenjak

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The authors have written a textbook devoted specifically to the activity of leadership, with a focus on how it can be practiced by those with or without authority. Ultimately, its aim is to change the way people lead and manage.

In Part One, the evolution of leadership in the twenty-first century is presented. No longer a matter of telling industrial workers what to do, leadership is a voluntary, interactive process that moves organizations toward adaptive change. It demands influential tactics that are less coercive and more engaging.

In Part Two, historic “leadership” theories are reviewed to put them into a twenty-first century context.

Part Three presents skills that are most needed for the practice of leadership in the twenty-first century, including dialogical skills emotional intelligence, leading adaptive change, conflict skills, and strategic planning.

ISBN: 978587689154

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