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People's Christianity
Sense and Significance

Jose Mario Francisco, SJ, and Jayeel Cornelio

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People’s Christianity approaches lived religion through the eyes of faith and the interdisciplinary lenses of theology and the social sciences. “Sense” and “significance” encapsulate the book’s two main goals. First, it unpacks how people’s Christianity manifests the laity’s faith and how it thus becomes a locus theologicus that reveals new reflective horizons that cover a wide range of themes from pastoral to critical.

Second, it points to lived Christianity’s significance, properly understood in relation to its social context or realities. Resisting the theological and moral condescension toward popular expressions of the Christian faith, this book argues that they are in fact meaningful if assessed in light of the daily realities that confront local believers.

Foregrounding experiences in the Global South, the book will speak to Christians from different traditions and theological perspectives.

ISBN: 978-15876-8951-2

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