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Invitation to Practical Theology

Catholic Visions & Voices

Edited by Claire E. Wolfteich

The formal discipline of practical theology developed largely in Protestant contexts and has recently garnered increasing attention among Catholic academics. Claire Wolfteich, a leading Catholic scholar in the field of practical theology, in this volume gathers significant voices to write on the many aspects to be considered in the study of practical theology. The result is the first text of its kind for professors and students of practical theology wishing to consider it from a Catholic perspective and a much needed core text for use in Catholic graduate programs of ministry and theology.


  • Claire E. Wolfteich
  • Kathleen Cahalan and Bryan Froehle
  • Colleen Griffith
  • David Tracy
  • Terrence W. Tilley
  • Edward Foley
  • M. Shawn Copeland
  • Roberto Goizueta
  • Carmen María Cervantes, Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ, and Ken Johnson-Mondragón
  • Janet K. Ruffing
  • Julie Hanlon Rubio
  • Bradford Hinze
  • Stephen Bevans, SVD
  • Thomas Groome
  • Annemie Dillen and Robert Mager

Table of Contents — Invitation to Practical Theology

  1. Introduction: An Invitation to Practical Theology, Claire E. Wolfteich
  2. A Developing Discipline: The Catholic Voice in Practical Theology, Kathleen Cahalan and Bryan Froehle
  3. Practice as Embodied Knowing: Epistemological and Theological Considerations, Colleen Griffith
  4. A Correlational Model of Practical Theology Revisited, David Tracy
    Practices, Contexts, and Conversations
  5. Practicing the Faith: Tradition in a Practical Theology, Terrence W. Tilley
  6. Eucharistic Practice-Eucharistic Theology: The Fount and Summit of Ecclesial Life, Edward Foley
  7. Weaving Memory, Structuring Ritual, Making Mythos: Commemoration of the Ancestors, M. Shawn Copeland
  8. Practicing Beauty: Aesthetic Praxis, Justice, and U.S. Latino/a Popular Religion, Roberto Goizueta
  9. Pastoral Ministry and Vision: Latino/a Contributions to the Transformation of Practical Theology in the United States, Carmen María Cervantes, Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ, and Ken Johnson-Mondragón
  10. Practices of Spiritual Direction: A Theologically Complex Process, Janet K. Ruffing
  11. Practices of Love and Solidarity: Family Ethics, Julie Hanlon Rubio
  12. Practices of Dialogue: Ecclesiology and Practical Theology, Bradford Hinze
  13. Missiology as Practical Theology: Understanding and Embodying Mission as Trinitarian Practice, Stephen Bevans, SVD
    Teaching, Research, and Future Directions
  14. Practices of Teaching: A Pedagogy for Practical Theology, Thomas Groome
  15. Research in Practical Theology: Methods, Methodology, and Normativity, Annemie Dillen and Robert Mager
  16. Catholic Voices and Visions in Practical Theology: Contributions and Future Directions, Claire E. Wolfteich

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