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When Love Meets Fear

Becoming Defense-less & Resource-full

David Richo, PhD

Relationships thrive best in an atmosphere of openness to one another. Our accessibility to love may be inhibited by fear that makes us so often needlessly on the defensive. What are the origins and meanings of our fears of intimacy, of abandonment, of closeness? What makes us hold ourselves back or run from feelings? In this series of seminars we find ways to free ourselves from the grip of fear so that it no longer stops or drives our ways of being together. This series of seminars will provide techniques that show how to feel fear directly so we can then behave in ways that show we do not act on our fear nor let it interfere with our healthy goals. The result will be that we are no longer driven or stopped by fear, though we may still feel it. The talks combine lecture and practices that are both psychological and spiritual. Even a little progress is freedom from fear....