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67. Theodoret of Cryus A Cure for Pagan Maladies
A Cure for Pagan Maladies

Translation and Introduction by Thomas Halton

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This is the "last of the Christian apologies," written by influential author and bishop of Cyrrhus (ca. 393-ca. 457).

Category: Ancient Christian Writers

ISBN: 978-08091-0606-6

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:

Julian of Norwich

Second Showings

Translated and introduced by Edmund Colledge, OSA, and James Walsh, SJ; preface by Jean Leclercq, OSB

Here are witty and startling perceptions of the "feminine" nature of God by one of the greatest of all English mystics. Julian (1342-c.1423) was an anchoress who lived in solitude in Norwich, England.

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