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El Camino de la Cruz con El Papa Francisco
Meditaciones sobre las Estaciones

"The cross is the word of hope and mercy to all the crucified of the world, for those who are oppressed, the sick, poor, and marginalized, victims of violence and abuse, still find the courage to turn their gaze to the One who was pierced. And from this look of divine love they receive comfort, peace, consolation, and mercy, even the strength to forgive their executioners. What would man be without the cross of Christ?"

—from the Introduction

With this simple yet profound book, Pope Francis invites us to pray the stations and to continue "this Way of the Cross in our daily lives. Let us walk together along the Way of the Cross and let us do so carrying in our hearts this word of love and forgiveness" (Address, March 29, 2013). Spanish version.

ISBN: 978-08091-4986-5

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