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Signs, Superstitions, and God's Plan
The Human Quest for Meaning

"Brian Schmisek weaves together contemporary experience and writings with those of Greco-Roman classical antiquity. What a delight to discover the long arc of the quest for meaning in our beleaguered world. I found it comforting, challenging, and insightful. An interesting read in turbulent times."
—Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS, advocate, former leader of Nuns on the Bus, award-winning author of Hunger for Hope


"In Signs, Superstitions, and God's Plan, Brian Schmisek weaves together scripture, the classics, and modern thought in exploring the ways we have sought to give meaning to our lives, from entrails to religious faith to the stars in the sky. This scholarly but accessible book inspires the reader to consider how events in life unfold, and the meaning of her own life."
—Catherine Wolff, author, Beyond: How Humankind Thinks About Heaven

"An indispensable resource for all of us who accompany others in developing the habitus of discernment and decision making, particularly theologians, transformational leaders, pastoral ministers, and educators who engage in reflective practice."
—Faustino M. Cruz; dean and professor of practical theology, Fordham University Graduate School of Religion

"In Signs, Superstitions, and God's Plan, Brian Schmisek displays the full panorama of his rich academic scholarship. With impressive credentials in philosophy, classical studies, and theology, he provides his readers with both wide-ranging examples of common and also some not-so-common human attempts to explain aspects of life on earth that baffle our understanding, frustrate our intentions, and leave us grasping for explanations."
—Frank Lazarus, president emeritus, University of Dallas

Brian Schmisek is an award-winning author. He has had a distinguished career in Catholic higher education, most recently as provost and dean of faculties at St. Mary's University of Minnesota. He was also dean at Loyola University Chicago and the University of Dallas.

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