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Michelango Foirentino and Rafael Da Urbino
Masters of Art in the Vatican

A magnificently illustrated art book of the highestquality that features the works in the Vatican of thesetwo Renaissance greats.To speak of Raphael and Michelangelo in the Vaticanmeans to return to the origins of the great Italian art ofthe Renaissance, and therefore, to the origins of theartistic history of the West.Michelangelo and Raphael dominate and nurture allthat takes place after them in the realm of the arts.There fore, the two giant are held together, confronteach other, are reflected in each other, and should beevaluated together, in the knowledge that withoutthem, the story of the arts in Italy and in Europe wouldnot have been the same.

ISBN: 978-88827-1363-8

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