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Raphael or "Complete Perfection"

An elegant monographic volume dedicated to the operaomnia of Raphael Sanzio.

Antonio Paolucci paints a comprehensive picture of thelife and work of the artist from Urbino, ranging from hisfirst experiences in the workshop of his father GiovanniSanti, the teachings of Pietro Perugino, the Florentineperiod, the years in Rome in the service of the Holy See,and the importance of his workshop, to his death in 1520.

The evocative excursus on the individual works, exper -tly outlined and explained, underlines in each one the distinctivefeatures of his painting, as well as the evolution ofRaphael's style, his techniques and use of colors, and themost important iconographic themes and their meanings:feminine beauty, the Madonna and Child, and philosoph -ical and religious themes—Saints, Bible stories, and thelife of Jesus up to the Transfiguration.

The volume concludes with a complete catalogue ofthe works and essential technical information: date,technique, place of conservation and inventory number.

It is extensively illustrated with color photographs,offering splendid images of the works and previouslyunpublished full-page details.


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